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Have you enjoyed working as an EMT...but wish your role involved more skills, better wages, and a legitimate opportunity for career growth? Or are you a new EMT grad looking for your first hands on experience?

You've run calls and treated patients under strict, limiting, protocols, and all with not much opportunity to provide appropriate care, or perform any skills. Like most EMTs nationwide, you are most likely paid low wages for the services you were asked to provide, right? But where do you go from here? Sure, you studied, trained, and got some experience, or have you "hit the EMS ceiling?" Maybe you've even played the "fire lottery" or considered nursing school...just to be able to earn more money and have more opportunity? Does all this sound familiar? It's time to use some of the skills you already have, as well as acquire some new ones, and open new doors for yourself.

OSHS Health & Safety Centers operate in facilities across a broad spectrum of industries, including industrial, distribution, manufacturing, construction, entertainment, hospitality, agriculture, renewable energy, and electronics businesses. Our technicians serve facilities ranging in size from 10 to 20,000 people. We operate in urban and rural settings, working with a variety of workforces.

 We're On-Site Health & Safety...an established, twenty-one year, multi-state Health & Safety Company, looking for local EMTs and Medical Assistant in the San Jose, CA, area who would like to expand their career and be a part of our growing team. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements below to apply. Positions as our Mobile Occupational Health & Safety Technician are available immediately, with paid training provided. Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to: First-Aid response (you actually get to use some of those skills you learned!), Safety Training, Drug & Alcohol Testing (both new-hire & post injury/accident), Wellness Screenings, and Pulmonary Function Testing.

Looking for something better? Come join our team!


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  • Full-Time Position
  • Starting Pay: $17/HR, $18/HR with Phlebotomy Certification
  • On-Call Stipends
  • Company Vehicle (That stays at home with you!)
  • Fuel Card (Yes, we pay for the gas in your company vehicle! You'll be amazed at how much you save on gas and wear/tear on your personal vehicle)
  • Company Phone
  • Health Insurance: Medical, Dental, Vision 
  • Paid Vacation
  • 401 k
  • Profit Sharing
  • Paid Training
  • Promote from within

Minimum Qualifications:

EMT Certifications

Clean Driving Record


Technician expectations:

  • First-Aid response directly to our customer’s workplace (equipment is mobile via your assigned company vehicle)
  • Drug & Alcohol testing (both new-hire & post injury/accident)
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Safety Training



IN A NUTSHELL: We’re looking for a team-oriented, outgoing and professional EMT.  This job involves an hourly position with excellent pay and an awesome team doing a job that never gets boring because you’re out in the field…doing it all. A DAY IN THE LIFE: You’ve just finished up breakfast at home and are restocking your company vehicle with supplies for the day when your phone rings and you’re dispatched straight to an injury call at a job site for a worker with a laceration to the hand. With the worker's injury complete...it's off to a pre-scheduled new-hire drug screen shortly after lunch.  That job wraps up and suddenly…dispatch alerts you and you’re off to perform a pulmonary function test, before stopping by a job site to treat a minor burn.  The day ends completing your required paperwork from your HOME office and the knowledge that you were able to help keep worksites safe and help those in their time of need. What will the next day involve? Join our team and find out! An excellent opportunity for the EMT who wants to gain experience, actually use their learned skills, and take the next step toward advancing their career and making a difference in the process! 


Applicants must meet the minimum requirements above to apply. Individuals who receive an offer of employment from OSHS will be required to undergo a drug test and a criminal background check. OSHS offers of employment are contingent upon the successful outcome of a pre-employment background check and drug screen.

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